Hi my name is Mayan,

I’m a yoga teacher living in London and this is a blog to share my passion for yoga and movement.

My yoga practice has been informed by the traditional Ashtanga system as well as somatic and improvised movement practices. Whilst I have educated myself in time-honoured yogic techniques I hold an open minded and inclusive perspective. This is especially useful as our knowledge of the body is continually evolving.

There have been periods where I have practiced a disciplined set sequence, while others using an unstructured improvised format. As a result my personal practice and teaching often explores the in-between.

Some notable teachers who have influenced me include Matthew Sweeney, Donna Farhi, David Swenson, and Shiva Rea. Other fields such as Contact Improvisation, Feldenkrais, Body-Mind-Centering inform my work.

What does yoga mean to me? The relevance of yoga to modern day westerners is an interesting question. It has taken me to India to practice in the holy city of Rishikesh lined with ashrams, Mysore the birthplace of Ashtanga yoga, to the yoga-loving and culturally liberal San Francisco.

The conclusion I have come to is that Yoga can be practiced anywhere by anyone. What is most important for this journey is establishing a consistent personal ritual of self enquiry for a direct and powerful insight into the human condition.


Yoga has been a transformative tool in my life and allowed me to be incredibly honest with myself. Informing how I interact with others and my daily life choices. Reminding me to observe without judgement and step into my body with a whole new sensitivity, vibrancy and intuition.

Another prominent avenue of my growth has drawn me to explore the mirror of relationships. Last year I completed a 10 month coaching program learning to facilitate others through the blockages that prevent them having the connection and intimacy they desire using various somatic and interpersonal tools. Many of the skills I have learnt have been cultivated while living in community and helping coordinate workshops and events in London.

You can also find me snapping with my camera, dancing contact improvisation and experimenting in the kitchen.

I would love to hear from you. Please get in touch!

 How can you contact me?

For general enquiries use the contact page. For yoga enquiries use the form on my yoga page.